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Android & IOS app development
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600 UK cities, towns and villages host 1400 markets, tens thousands craft markets, agricultural shows, farmers markets, country markets and fairs.

Hundred thousand traders sells locally produced stuff to millions shoppers every year generating billion pounds to UK economy.

Despite the fact trading could be improved - by moving more into E&M commerce

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Promotion of Your events, produce, competition, rafle, promotion etc


Advertising services in Web and PROMO app


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Social Network for Markets, Fairs, Festivals, Operators, sellers & buyers.

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Would You like to sell in Deep Forest, hundreds miles away?

The Internet is a perfect way for any company or sole trader to boost their sales. As for customers it is a perfect way to find what they are looking for, however with thousands services and providers all over the globe, advertising their product, it can be hard for local consumers to find locally what they want. The same goes for local businesses – Internet is just too large, too global and frankly too complicated to attract new customers. In high-street retail, businesses open shops in crowded places like a city or town centre. There are huge problems with websites –

"Each newly created website is like a shop in deep forest, hundreds miles away:

There is no customer traffic at all"

Would You like to sell in Deep Forest, hundreds miles away???

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We are here for:

  • Events organizers - to help promote Your Events & Venue;
  • Stall holders - to help You promote and sell Your stock;
  • Vistors & Buyers - 1) To offer best Events near You; 2) Highlight best Local & Nationwide produce; 3) Provide best offers;

To achieve it we have many portals to help anyone:


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